Looking back to go forward

Perhaps it is only after an artist dies that history can look back at their life and work in its entirety and make a judgment about the development of their practice.

I find it fascinating to look at the earliest work of artists and then track through their life to see how their ideas, techniques, preoccupations change and develop.

Unless one is a living artist whose practice is focused on constant change in direction, there can be a near audible intake of breath when one wants to explore new avenues.

I have always emphasized my love of drawing and its influence in my paintings, which focus on the shifting patterns in nature of places I know well.

In recent years, I have developed my craft in using glazes and over-drawing to create responses to the range of atmospheric moods of weather or sharp definitions of landscape.

I now find myself harking back to my earlier career, when I used mixed media and first started to use the ‘spattering’ of paint which continues to this day. This means that alongside ‘familiar’ paintings of sea and land, I am using collage with paint, pastel and inks.

What I hope is that viewers will observe and understand the relationship between these two approaches and see them within the context of my practice as a whole.