A new website is a scary old business. It feels very exposing. In selecting work to be shown, I realised that there are huge tensions when reflecting on the purpose of a website for artists.

Some people who are confident in their technological skills and possess great commercial savvy, will use their website as a vehicle for sales. Those websites tend to have a wide selection of images, with full costs, sizes and delivery options.

Some artists enjoy the full interactive benefits of on-line life, engaging in dialogue with virtual visitors and belonging to specialist groups on-line who converse and share and spread the word.

Yet another group of artists maintain a ‘visiting card’ website, which gives the most sparing of details and information.

So what is mine?

We all know that I am happy with a pencil and brush but not a keyboard and mouse, yet I have now dipped my toes in to Twitter and Facebook and recognise that one does need a regularly updated website to maintain an online presence (apologies to all of you who tolerated my old website which I kept, like the first Mrs Rochester, in the attic of the world-wide web).

Nevertheless, although I naturally wish to share my work with others, I do not wish to deluge visitors with a plethora of images, which I find gives me visual indigestion after a while and I stop seeing things properly. In addition, I personally enjoy websites that offer an insight in to the artist’s life and practice.

Faced with this unfathomable dilemma and with the endless patience of my website designer, Suzanne Daly, I hope that I have achieved a middle-ground with a small selection of images of work (all available for sale from myself or the advertised galleries), but with an element of interactivity with the video section and the journal, which will normally be about my practice.

We will also introduce a ‘Latest News’ section, which will operate alongside my e-newsletter, to alert everyone to events, workshops or exhibitions coming up, and, of course, I am always happy to talk to people via email or even on the phone.

So, hopefully, job done. Suzanne will keep me on my toes to keep the whole site regularly updated and fresh and all future journal entries will be about the really serious stuff of making art.