Artist Statement


“Observation and drawing underpin my practice. I can rarely drag myself away from line being the start and end of my work.

Paintings allow for something deeper, however. They are a culmination of lots of observation, lots of looking and contemplating the subject matter and my response to it. An expression of cumulative experience.

I paint in series as it allows me to explore a subject more thoroughly – different angles, shifts in focus and light, but all linked by the same thinking, threading through them. Returning to ideas and developing responses to a familiar place.

I use collage and mixed media as a way of physically showing layers, exposing my ways of working. In paintings, these layers will be created through glazes and opaque paint – building up and then pushing away: focus and ambiguity. Endless shifting, punctuated by moments of clarity.

My work is about my relationship with the land and sea; my responses to being in a particular place; getting to know it in all its guises. The patterns of nature – when land and sea meet sky; the complexities of sharp focus and detail with softened widen horizons and blurred edges. It does not include human figures, as they would interrupt that intensity of dialogue, but often include human-made features, such as stone walls, old buildings or lanes often in a state of decay as nature reabsorbs and reclaims them. Realizing how insignificant we humans are is so reassuring for me. I am a small speck, finding ways to record transient moments of vastness.”